Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Intro Cont. / 1st Week Plans

Hi everyone who randomly clicks on my blog. With this post I want to give you a little more information about myself as well as tell you what my next few posts are going to be about.

I grew up in southern Alberta where the prairies, conservative values, and country music rule all. Until I was about 13 I had never actually listened to anything besides country music, but then I heard of Limewire. While I buy all my music legally now back then Limewire was a miracle; a way for me to become exposed to all the music and viruses I could find.

I can't exactly remember how I came across these artists but I first started listening to Coldplay and Chris Brown. Quickly I moved on to the American Idiot album by Green Day. The Green Day album and the influence of my friends lead me to the Screamo/WhateverYouWantToCallTheGenre (I generally hate genres but this seems to be an exception to me, maybe I'll look deeper into it in the future). My favourite band for about 2 years was Escape the Fate, and I still think their first EP was really good, the rest maybe not so much.

Then something happened. I can`t exactly remember what age it was at or why it happened, but I started listening to a lot of what Jay-Z calls "Indie Rock" (him calling Kings of Leon indie rock makes no sense at all). Actually I think it had something to do with a new radio station, X92.9, opening up in Calgary.

But regardless this type of music opened my eyes and ears to something completely new. Something different. Something that maybe no one in my small school had ever heard of before. Something that made me feel different in a (relatively small) sea of my peers.

I think that`s probably too much about me right now so I'm going to get into what I'm planning on exploring for about the next week or so.

Recently Broken Social Scene played their last show at a venue in Brazil. I wasn't sure how to feel, I only had listened to the singles off their last album and a few other songs. World Sick of their most recent album is an amazing song but I felt like I couldn't have an opinion on them until I listened to everything.

So the next week will be dedicated to BSS. Feel free to listen along with me if you`d like, I`m planning on writing about the first album, Feel Good Lost, on Friday.

Thanks for making it to the bottom of this wall of text. Next time I`ll embed a video at the bottom as a reward. See you then.

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